strong foundation,
lasting relationships

PS-Stearns is a privately owned national marketing company founded in 1988 in Erie, Pennsylvania. We are experts in event and experiential marketing services. Still family owned, we have a strong foundation and work to build lasting relationships. 

Our reputation of integrity and track record of  accomplishments, has earned us distinction as one of the nations most respected pioneers.

An Award Winning,  Best-in-Class agency, PS-Stearns is a proven source to elevate the face of event marketing.

PS-Stearns is your marketing solution...TODAY.

So, why not?!  Let us be the final piece of the puzzle.




Driven by passion to deliver results, our primary focus is to provide staffing solutions and campaign management assistance that helps connect your brand to the consumer.  

Dedicated to success at every level, PS-Stearns will exceed your expectations by providing the best service and the best product…always. 

Devoted to building relationships and understanding marketing objectives, PS-Stearns will provide you the best available personnel wherever and whenever they are needed.  

PS-Stearns… committed to service, committed to your success.




The Difference we make is obvious. We are passionate about providing the best service in every way. And, we are all about giving you extra added value for your dollar. The results you experience are not only visible but measurable. Here's why.

•  Superior event management capabilities:  Managing people and details are what we do best. We manage deployments of our employees with a hands-on approach that is beyond comparison. Further, we provide round-the-clock support to ensure results.

•  Best-in class staffing execution: Proven to be an industry leader, we go above and beyond what is expected every time. Dedication and problem solving rigor warrant day of event success. You will find a committed, focused account team, with support when you need it.  And, we will provide qualified, devoted personnel that represent your brand with excellence. 

•  Unprecedented technology: We are constantly improving and investing in technology to accurately and efficiently manage our events to staff faster and to capture information which is measurable.  

•  Enhanced reporting visibility: We provide detailed, real-time, accurate reporting including real-time feedback from “people on the street,” photos which showcase each activation, full event recaps, and more for improved execution accountability. This allows you to gauge success throughout the project.